How to bypass the Insecure Content Error Message - Faculty & Staff

Please follow either the written or video instructions below if you are receiving the "Your connection is not fully secure" error message on your Allen-Stevenson email

  1. Open up Google Chrome and make sure it is updated by doing the following:
  • Click the “More” 3 dots button in the upper right corner
  • Go down and click Settings
  • Click About Chrome on the lower left side

From there, you should see the above screen. Chrome will notice there’s a newer version than the one you’re running and you can download it. Restart your browser and you should be up and running on the latest version of Google Chrome.

  1. You can now go to the A-S email website and click on the Not Secure button and then the Site Settings button
  1. A new tab will open and you will scroll to the bottom of the page. Next to where it says Insecure Content you will click the dropdown arrow and chance the status from Block(Default) to Allow. Close the tab when you are finished.
  2. You will now be back at the error message page. Please click on the advanced button and then click on the Proceed to (unsafe) button.
  3. Your settings will stick and you should now be good to go. If you have any more questions or concerns please send an email to

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