How do I add a printer on my laptop? - Students

Both students and faculty will be assigned printers based upon their location within the building. If you would like to add a printer which is located near your location please follow these directions:

  1. From the Apple Menu select System Preferences

  1. Select the Printers and Scanners icon

  1. Press the ‘+’ button in the bottom left corner

  1. This will bring up the printer browser window displaying a list of available printers. Select your desired printer to add and click Add

If the printer you wish to add doesn’t appear or the information in the ‘use’ field doesn’t populate please contact the Helpdesk.
Remember to THINK before you PRINT! Do you really need to print that document? Are you printing to the correct printer? Does it really need to be in color? Are you near the printer to quickly pick it up? Think about the environment before hitting that print button.

For additional information on adding printers to your Mac check out Apple's support pages

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