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This article is designed to replicate the information contained in the New Parent Canvas Introduction. While all of the below information can be accessed in individual articles, we have combined the infromation we believe is needed in order to successfully get started in Canvas.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to deliver course content and all the digital tools and resources to students in one simple place.

As observers, parents can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

How is Canvas used at Allen-Stevenson?

How parents use Canvas depends on the age of their son.

K-3: For families in K-3, the boys will not be actively using Canvas. The system is more for you, as parents, to see what is happening in your sons' classrooms and to get up to date information on class activities.

4-9: In grades 4-9, students will want to access Canvas daily to receive assignments, calendar reminders, tests and quizzes, announcements, and discussions from teachers.

How do parents get accounts for Canvas?

Parents at Allen-Stevenson are given observer accounts that are automatically created by the School and linked to student accounts. As observers, parents can view the course content but cannot participate in the course.

In September of their son's first year, parents will receive an email containing their Canvas username and default password.The Canvas username will be the same username that is used for all other Allen-Stevenson websites (Firstname + Lastname ex: MarkTwain). The default password will be provided in the email and should be changed to something more secure and memorable. For instructions on how parents can change their Cavas password please see How To Change Your Canvas Password - Parents.

The email containing a parent's Canvas username and default password will be sent to the email address provided to the School on the application for admission or the most current email address that has been provided to the School.

It is not necessary for parents to use a pairing code to gain access to Canvas. If you do not know your username and password for Canvas, please contact Ms. Zelmanowicz.

Where can parents access Canvas to login?

Allen-Stevenson has a specific Canvas URL that can be accessed directly or through the Allen-Stevenson website.

Allen-Stevenson has a unique Canvas URL. If you Google Canvas and attempt to login from the resulting page, you will not be able to successfully log in.

How do parents log in to Canvas?

To log in to Canvas parents will need to know their login credentials. Login credentials will be sent to parents in September of their Son's first year. If you do not know your login credentials for Canvas, please contact Ms. Zelmanowicz.
  1. In a web browser, navigate to or use the Canvas link on the resource tab of the A-S website.
  2. Enter your Username (1) and Password (2).

How do parents change their Canvas password?

  1. On the left side global navigation, click on Account (1) and then Settings (2).
  2. Click the Edit Setttings button located on the right side or bottom of the screen depending on the device.
  3. Click the Change Password checkbox (1). Type the default password in the Old Password box (2). Enter a new, memorable password in the New Password (3) and Confirm Password (4) fields. Click Update Settings.

How do parents verify or add ways to be contacted in Canvas?

The default notification email address for parents in Canvas is the email address that was provided to the School on the application for admission. Parents have the option to be contacted at a different email address, multiple email addresses, or via text message.

  1. In the left side global navigation click on Account (1) and then Settings (2).
  2. In the Ways to Contact sidebar the default email address associated with the account will be displayed. To add an additional email address click Add Email Address (1). If you want to receive notifications as text messages, click Add Contact Method (2).

How do parents set their notification settings in Canvas?

Each set notification preference will automatically apply to all of your courses. They cannot be set individually.
  1. In the left side global navigation, click on Account (1) and then Settings (2).
  2. To change a notification for a contact method, locate the notification type and click the icon for your preferred delivery type.

To receive a notification right away (delayed by one hour to prevent spamming in case of changes), click the check mark icon (1).

To receive a daily notification, click the clock icon (2).

To receive a weekly notification, click the calendar icon (3).

If you do not want to receive a notification, click the remove icon (4).

While notification frequency is a personal preference, it is highly recommended that Announcement, Conversation Message, and Calendar remain set to receive right away. .

Who should parents contact if they are having an issue with Canvas?

If parents experience issues with Canvas they may contact Ms. Zelmanowicz.

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