How to setup Allen-Stevenson email on an iPhone or iPad - Faculty & Staff

The following instructions are for devices running iOS 14 or later. For help setting up Outlook on devices running older versions, please speak with a member of the Tech department
  1. Open up Settings

    iOS Settings Icon
  2. Scroll down and select Mail

    iOS Settings
  3. Click Accounts.
    Accounts & Passwords
If you have no previously configured mail accounts, you will see the Add Account... option instead of Accounts
  1. Click Add Account

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange

    Add Exchange Account
  2. Enter your Allen-Stevenson email address (1) and a description for the account (2). Click Next.
    Your Allen-Stevenson email follows the format of first initial + last name +
    iOS Exchange Setup 1
  3. Choose Sign In

    Configure Manually
  4. A Microsoft window should appear with your e-mail address already populated. Enter your password and click Sign in.
    If you do not remember your email password please contact the helpdesk
    iOS Exchange Setup 2
  5. Select which Outlook items you would like to sync then click Save.

Manual Setup Information


Enter your Allen-Stevenson Outlook email address

  • ex:





Enter your Allen-Stevenson Outlook email address

  • ex:


Enter your Allen-Stevenson Outlook Password


Enter a description for your email account

  • ex: A-S Email

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