How to login to Adobe Creative Cloud - Students

If Adobe Creative Cloud isn't already installed on your computer, please see a member of the Tech department for help.
  1. From the Applications folder open Adobe Creative Cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud Icon
  2. On the Adobe Creative Cloud login screen, enter your Allen-Stevenson email address in the email address field. Click Tab or Return on your keyboard. You will be redirected to a Google login screen.

    Creative Cloud Login
  3. Enter your Allen-Stevenson Google username (1), this should be the same as your Allen-Stevenson e-mail, and click Next (2).

    Adobe Google Login Screen
  4. Enter your Allen-Stevenson Google password (1) and click Sign In (2).

    Adobe Google Login Password Screen
  5. If it is your first time logging in to Adobe Creative Cloud, click Accept to accept the new account agreement.

  6. You should now successfully be logged in to Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Adobe Creative Cloud Successful Login

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