What is the Canvas Calendar? - Faculty & Staff

The Calendar is located on the left-side of the page on the Global Navigation. All current course calendars can be accessed and managed from a single page.  You can choose to look at the entries for up to 10 calendars at once, or filter to view select calendars.  In addition to your course calendars, you have access to a personal calendar.

The Calendar has so many benefits and uses. Check them out below!

Choose what you see: Courses can be enabled/disabled in the Calendar view

  • Different views: User can choose month, week, or agenda view
  • Calendar, Assign Dates in course, and Syllabus work in conjunction: Change date in one place and it updates all the others!
  • Icons are clear: Assessments, when assigned, will appear on calendar with an icon representing which assessment type it is (Assignment, Discussion or Quiz)
  • Upon student submission: Items will cross off on the student calendar
  • Items cross off on the instructor's calendar: When the due date has passed and all items have been graded
  • Events can also be added: They appear with the calendar icon

Here are some additional ways users can make the Calendar work for them:

  • The Scheduler tool is a way to allow students to sign up for appointment slots
  • Calendar can be synched to another calendaring software using the iCal calendar feed link
  • Assignment shells can be built directly from the Calendar

What is special about the Calendar?

The Calendar automatically syncs with other features in Canvas, such as assignments, discussions, and quizzes.  This means any date changes made on the calendar will automatically be updated on the actual item.  Similarly, if you change the due date on an assignment from within the Assignment tool, the date will automatically be changed on the Calendar. **Important Note: The "Until" date on Assignments will not automatically change if you change the due date for an assignment. This has to be manually changed from each individual assignment.**

Need more information? Check out these Canvas Guides:

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