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Ruvna, the School’s emergency response system, is the primary means of accounting for all faculty, staff, and students during an emergency or drill. Ruvna can be used on almost any device that can access the Internet, either through the web at or by downloading the iOS app for use on an iPhone or iPad. Both the web version and the app function nearly identically.  

Always follow the same steps, regardless of whether it’s a fire or lockdown situation.

When an emergency or drill takes place, the Ruvna app will send you an alert, notifying you of the current situation. Your first priority should always be to follow the emergency procedure and get you and your students to safety.  Once you and your students are at your designated staging location or have properly locked down the classroom, login to Ruvna to begin the check-in process. 

To login to Ruvna you must use your Allen-Stevenson Google Apps for Education account. Open the website or app, choose “Sign In with Google” and enter your login credentials for your Allen-Stevenson Google account.  

You should make sure you are able to remember your Allen-Stevenson Google password in case of emergencies.If you are unable to login or cannot remember your credentials, please contact the helpdesk for assistance. 

When you login to Ruvna during an emergency or drill, it will automatically check you in. You will still need to check-in the students you are responsible for. Student lists can be viewed in Ruvna in many different ways.  If you are a homeroom teacher, you will automatically see your class roster. If you do not see your class, or if you are not a homeroom teacher, you can access all rosters by clicking the “teachers/Grades” button at the top of the screen and selecting a faculty member.

Since 7th and 8th grade classes are not listed by teacher, those rosters can be found under 7 Blue, 7Gold, 8Blue, and 8Gold. The 9th grade roster is listed under Samara Spielberg. To check in a student, select the green “Check-in” button next to their name. Once they are checked-in, the background behind their name will turn green and the “check-in” button will be filled in.

If you are assigned a Safe Room, please send a message in Ruvna with the student’s names and the Safe Room location, by clicking the message bubble at the top of screen, selecting compose, entering your message, and clicking send. 

When the emergency or drill is complete, you should receive another message in Ruvna letting you know. 





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